Chef Of The Month August 2018: James Taylor

James Taylor ,
Beastro Manchester

How did you progress to your current role at Beastro? 

I'm a third generation butcher starting at the age of 10 (possibly younger but my mum will probably read this) sweeping up sawdust and pressing burgers in the family abattoir and butchers. Fast forward 20 years and together with my wife, Heather, we started making and selling sausages as Bobbys Bangers on farmers markets and then at street food events.

After meeting our business partner and International Celebrity Richard (you can thank me later Rich) we started Bangers and Bacon our first joint street food event. We then entered into the Kitchens Project in Manchester. The competition lasted a year and was based on several aspects of business management. We won the competition in 2017, and went on to open Beastro.

What can diners look forward to when they eat at your establishment?

You can expect some more traditional meat cuts (lamb kidneys are a favourite), a few modern techniques and lots of flavour.

Our philosophy is to use as much seasonal and local produce as possible. We pride ourselves on the contacts that we have made over the years on the farmers markets and try to utilise these as much as possible.

What food trends that are exiting you? 

There are several trends at the moment that particularly interest me. Because of my background in our family abattoir, Ive always had access to the more unusual cuts of meat and offal.  Our family has always used these old fashioned cuts and Im enthusiastic to try and reintroduce them again. Local, seasonal produce is also a passion of mine. We have a great relationship with Noones for fruit & veg and Smith Sagor for our fish they always come up trumps with more unusual produce from local suppliers.




Why did you choose this dish for the feature?

Bone Marrow 

I chose bone marrow on toast as my dish because it's just great! it's bursting with flavour. Shredded ox cheek and roasted bone marrow, pickled girole mushrooms and orange segments that really compliment the richness. it's served simply with some toast. 

What do you like about working with Althams? 

Althams provide a great service with deliveries 6 days a week, the sales team are easy to deal with and are always willing to go the extra mile to find some of my more unusual meaty requests!