Chef Of The Month December 2015: Jamie Ingledow

Jamie Ingledow,
Water Edge Inn Ambleside


When leaving school my first job was football apprentice at Rotherham United where I turned pro at 18. I started catering college at 19. My first position was at The Windermere Hydro then onto Windermere Hotel, followed by a stint at the Dornech Hotel Scotland, then the Shire Inns, picking up vast experience with Simon Carter the head chef.  Back to Windermere, I went to Lucys on a plate as second chef where I was promoted to head chef within six months, finally ending up at The Water Edge Inn Ambleside as head chef for the past two years.



Recipe: Oven roasted Barbary duck, Jerusalem artichoke, butternut squash, green beans fricassee, feta cheese bon bons and red wine and coffee jus.


1 x Barbary duck breast, 6-8oz (Althams)

1 x Jerusalem artichoke

Green beans

Butternut squash

Feta cheese

1 x Maris Piper potato


Red wine

Coffee essence

Beef stock


Oil (rapeseed)

Bay leaves

1 x red onion

4 x black peppercorns



For Fricassee:Cut butternut squash and Jerusalem artichoke into same size cubes. Dress with oil, sprig of thyme, chopped garlic, salt and pepper.Oven roast for 20 minutes at 180 degrees. Stir every five minutes until golden. Add green beans when cool.

For sauce:In a pan, half bottle red wine, two bay leaves, red onion roughly chopped and 4 peppercorns.Simmer and reduce by half. Add quarter pint beef stock and reduce by half again. Add a teaspoon of coffee essence.Pass through sieve, whisk in knob of butter and a spoonful of double cream.

For the bon bons:Peel and boil potatoes in salted water until soft, drain and pass through sieve to create cream potato.Add a little butter and cream to taste.Allow to cool.Then add crumbled feta cheese, roll into balls, pass through beaten egg, flour and breadcrumbs, repeat the egg, flour and breadcrumbs twice. Deep fry until golden brown.

For the duck:Pan fry duck skin side down until golden brown, add butter and thyme, oven roast for five minutes at 180 degrees. Take out and rest for 6 minutes.

To assemble dish, carve duck (should be pink), sauté fricassee in a pan to warm through, place duck on top of fricassee, assemble bon bons around the dish and add the hot finished jus and serve.

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