Chef Of The Month Feb 2019: Alan Livesey

Alan Livesey,
Laundrette Chorlton

My passion for food started at the tender age of fifteen when I took a commis chef role at a local French bistro.   This gave me a great introduction to butchery, fishmongery and basic veg prep, so a good all round way to hone and refine my knife skills! Naturally, as time passed by I wanted to take on new skills to progress in the food industry. Some years later I had worked in a number of leading Manchester restaurants including Mash & Air, Lincoln restaurant, the Midland and Rhodes & Co.Over time I could see different styles and trends emerging and I wanted to be part of it.  So I opted to move away from the fine dining side and follow my heart as a lover of BBQ and carbs!  I am m in heaven with a plate of BBQ chicken wings, meaty burger or slow cooked ribs; I just wanted to do something that I would really enjoy!This change of scene led me to The Laundrette in Chorlton with its motto of cocktails and carbs, a perfect fit for my style of cooking!Laundrette customers can indulge their craving for a generous plate of carbs and plenty of exciting, creative and unique flavours across our offer of food and cocktails.  OK, there may be a bit of a hangover next day but the journey is worth it!!  We are proud of the food that we serve.  Everything is freshly prepared with the finest quality ingredients we can source.   We enjoy working with a variety of suppliers, people like Althams Butchers in Morecambe, Deli Fresh for fruit and veg and other specialist local suppliers. For me there is a lot of fun in experimenting with emerging trends.  I particularly like creating Asian fusions, especially with my beloved chicken wings. And it is not just me that likes this combo - our Gochujang Korean chicken wings are a Laundrette best seller.


When Althams Butchers asked me to select a favourite dish I did not hesitate to pick our Signature Burger - crafted especially for our customers.   It combines a juicy red onion, coriander and garlic beef patty, sweet caramelised onion, gooey Red Leicester, Mozarella cheese and our secret recipe burger sauce (with of course some Asian flavours)!   For me the photo says it all irresistible.