Chef Of The Month January 2015: Robbie Hohmann

Robbie Hohmann,
Baresca Nottingham

When leaving school my first job was as a kitchen porter at HaHa bar, in my home town of Nottingham.

I then moved to Leeds to study marketing at college alongside completing a catering apprenticeship in a local restaurant, after which I decided to focus on being a chef and after 3 years in Leeds, Returned to Nottingham and HaHa bar as a qualified chef.

I later gained more experience working throughout different restaurants the city had to offer, where I eventually took on the Head Chef role at Escabesh, a tapas restaurant just out the city centre in West Bridgford, owned by the Perkins family.

After working there for two and half years, when the group decided to expand into the city centre I was given the opportunity to move as head chef taking on Baresca. A three story Tapas bar and restaurant with two kitchens. Bringing on completely new and different challenges every day. Something I relish in overcoming.


Chargrilled Lamb fillet, Shallot puree, Chargrilled aubergine, Basil pesto and smoked almond

Lamb Fillet

1 Lamb fillet

2 sprigs of thyme

2tsp olive oil

1tsp salt

1 glove garlic

Crush and finely chop the garlic, add salt, thyme leaves and olive oil. Mix well to make the marinade. Clean any fat, silver skin of the lamb fillet and cover with the marinade.

Shallot Puree

2 Banana shallot

25g Butter

200ml double cream

1tsp salt

2 sprigs rosemary

Slice the shallots and gently sweat down with the butter, rosemary and salt, ensuring no colour. Add the double cream, bring to simmer and blend until smooth, pass through a fine sieve.


Hald an Aubergine

1 tsp salt

Salt the aubergine for 20minutes, wash and pat dry. Chargrill each side until an even marking.

Basil Pesto

30g Basil

10g Parmesan

20g pimentos

100ml olive oil

Pinch salt

50ml chardonnay vinegar

Add all ingredients into a blender, blend for a few minutes until an even colour and drizzle consistency.


10g Smoked Marconi almond