Chef Of The Month June 2015: Neil Broomfield

Neil Broomfield,
Great North Pie Company

Neil Broomfield started the pies as a hobby in his spare time as his passion resided in food, up until 6 years ago Neil has never made a pie before. He entered a few competitions and won the Fine Food Producer of the Year in a competition judged by Great British Menu Winner Nigel Haworth for his classic Lancashire Cheese and Onion pie, (which interestingly enough also won Pub Pie of the Year award at The British Pie Awards 2014). pie flavours... there really is no other inspiration to Neil other than food itself. Every break we get from work, Neil is trying to get us to a restaurant to try some new food craze of up and coming restaurant. It is not a job for Neil, it's his passion, a way of life.

Our pies can be brought from local farmers markets...notably Wilmslow Artisan Market coming up in May on Saturday 16th and Treacle in Macclesfield on the last Sunday in May.

We have a seasonal menu which changes four times a year We have a pop up hatch in market house, Altrincham markets' food hall where we sell our pies warm (and cold to take away) We sell the award winners form here and offer a bit more creativity as Neil likes to experiment with ideas for new flavours etc...

wholesale prices and offerings dependant purely on the client, we like to remain as flexible as possible so ideally we like to meet with prospective stockists and find out exactly what we can do for them.

We bake fresh, daily and we use top of the range ingredients and stick to local producers as often as we can

The winning pie was Chicken, Mushroom and English Mustard Cream Pie