Chef Of The Month March 2017: Dion Jones

Dion Jones,
Carden Park Hotel Cheshire

Chester chef of the Year 2011

I had to cook a main course in Chester food festival against the 8 chefs, my main course of venison and artichoke took me all the way to the win.

Welsh national culinary team 2013

I had the chance to compete with the worlds best chefs from around the world and cooking for my country was a great honour. Whilst I was a part of this I travelled to Erfurt Germany to compete in the world culinary Olympics against more then 30 other national teams. I captained the junior culinary team to silver medal and ranked 13th in the world.

British and international Escoffier challenge 2011-2012

This was a massive competition for me and it was great to have the support of Carden Park and Graham Tinsley especially with his background of competitions. First I competed in London with a mystery box 3 course, this was tough as I had to come up with a menu on the day. After planning and cooking for 3 hours I had come up with a menu which got me the win and to represent Britain in Avignon France.

For the next stage I had to practice and prep myself for the international stage which was a brief of lamb provecale platter for 8 covers. This took months of practise and tweaking. I was competing against 8 countries and the hardest part of the competition was the language barrier in the kitchen. In the final it was tough asking for equipment and food but I overcame this and cooked to the best I could and served a winning platter which crowned me the first ever Briton to win this competition.

Roux scholarship 30th anniversary 2013

This was filmed over 2 weeks on the watch channel and good food. This was a once in a life time experience, cooking alongside every member of the Roux family and traveling to Switzerland to cook for Albert Roux. Cooking with all the Roux family give me a better understanding of the classical cookery, flavour and taste. In the semi finals we had to cook a main course to a brief which was stone bass with squid and new potatoes. The dish I cooked impressed the panel of judges and sent me through to the final 6 out of 18. In the finals we had a surprise classic brief on the day so no preparation, this was hard as it was a dish Ive never heard of it was a salmon chambord style platter for 8. I had to stuff and cook a whole salmon and it was a tough one. I cooked and served the platter, it never got me the win but it was a close second.

Bullet proof Crestcom manager 2024-15

This is the world best managers course for leaders to get the best out of their team and business, which I graduated in 2015.

For the next generation of chefs I will give them as much guidance and support in the kitchen as my past and present chefs has to me. Always pushing the younger generation towards competitions, awards and promotions as it very important for them and the future of young chefs.

My life outside of work I like to eat out a lot looking and tasting different styles of food and trends, this is very important being in the catering industry. I have a 3 year old boy called Noah and 2 German spitz dogs. My partner Sarah who is also in the catering industry is an assistant general manager of a gastro pub called the Celtic in Flint Wales.  My hobbies are playing football with my little boy, mountain biking and running.




Roasted chicken served with chicken leg crepinette, purple sprouting, celeriac and chicken wing jus


1 chicken whole - 100g chicken wings - 100g caul fat - Quarter of a celeriac - 300g purple sprouting - 100g butter - Chives 5g - Garlic 1 bulb - Parsley flat 5g - 4 sage leaves - 3 onions - 10g thyme - Honey 20g - 200ml milk - 200ml port - 400ml essential cuisine beef jus - 200ml essential cuisine chicken stock     


For the chicken prep by removing the wish bone, legs and wings. Leaving the breasts on the bone.

For the chicken breast on the carcass blanch in season water, with garlic and thyme for 12-15 minutes, probe should be around 65oc. Once probed remove from the water, drain and season well and roast the chicken breast in a medium sized pan making sure we get an even roast with good colour. Once the chicken is at 72oc rest well. Before serving remove it from the bone, trim the breast and serve.

For the chicken wing jus, finely sliced 3 onions and caramelise in a medium sized pan with the chicken wings then deglaze with the port and reduce by half and add the beef jus. Add 10g of thyme and the garlic, simmer the jus whilst skimming then reduce and season to the correct consistency. Pass it through a chinois, keep the chicken wings and chill, once chilled remove all the meat and add before serving.

For the crepinette, remove the skin and leg meat off the bone. Then remove all sinew and fat, once the leg meat is clean blitz one leg meat to a puree then dice the other and mix. Season and add finely chopped chives. Ball into 4 equal balls, top with a sage leaves then wrap in washed caul fat and trim. Refrigerate to set the protein, when set poach in chicken stock until cooked then glaze in jus and serve.

For the celeriac, dice into 1cm perfect cubes, we need 3 cubes per dish. Poach in seasoned milk until soft and chill. Using the milk again with all the celeriac trim poach in the milk until soft, then blitz to a smooth puree and season. Pine pass and add the mix to a squeeze bottle until needed. With the cubes glaze in butter and honey in a small pan until shiny and caramelised.

Prep and trim the purple sprouting broccoli by cleaning the stems and turning. Once prepped blanch in salted water and refresh. Before serving season and heat in butter until hot and glazed in butter.

Assemble the dish as photo.