Chef Of The Month May 2017: Ashwani Rangta

Ashwani Rangta,
Ashas Restaurant

I went to catering college in my home town Shimla, a small town in Himalayan region of India. After a year of graduating I joined the renowned ITC hotels as kitchen associate where I developed basic skill and knowledge of Indian cuisine.

In couple of years I got an opportunity to join prestigious welcome group management institute (WMI) which helped me to enhance my skill set for the role of chef in charge of its flag ship restaurant Kebabs and Kurries in ITC Grand Central, Mumbai.

After one year I headed its namesake restaurant at ITC Gardenia in Bangalore.

In the year 2014 I Joined award winning Ashas restaurant of wafi hospitality in Dubai to open its flagship restaurant in Manchester. In the very first year Ashas is the only Indian restaurant in Greater Manchester to be listed in Michelin guide 2017.

Having more than 12 years of experience in the industry and worked with top chefs at world renowned hotels, I excel in finest culinary operations. Being part of premiere food and beverage operations in India, UAE and U.K, I have cooked for head of states, movie stars and sport personalities. My personal favorite guest being childhood hero Sachin Tendulkar and famous Hollywood singer Asha Bhosle.

Over the years I have specialized in pre-opening operations and I am constantly seeking fresh and innovative ways to enhance dining experience with new recipes, modern trends, cutting edge technique and regional specialties. I have sincere understanding of how to adapt apposite combinations of ingredients with solid understanding of adapting foods to tastes, diet and cultures. My exposure to diverse environments has led me to focus on maintaining costs, training & developing the specialized skills required for restaurant representing a menu featuring the multiple regional cuisines of India.


Guinea fowl with Gem lettuce salad, water chestnut and caramelised apricot puree

      A-  Ingredients

Guineafowl breast:- 70 gm peice- 3 nos

Yoghurt:- 60 gms

Fresh cream:- 20 ml

Garam masala:- 5 gm

Yellow chilli powder:- 5 gms

Turmeric powder:- 5 gms

Salt:- 10 gms

Ginger:- 20 gms

Garlic:- 20 gms

Butter:- 20 gms

Lemon juice:- 10 ml

Method :- Trim the guinea fowl breast nicely to get even shape as shown in the photo.

Marinate the guinafowl with salt, lemon juice and paste made of ginger and garlic. Keep the guinafowl  in this marinate for an hours.

Take a bowl and add yoghurt, fresh cream, salt, yellow chilli powder, garam masala mix, turmeric powder and whisk it nicely to make a smooth paste

Now nicely rub the marinade with the guinafowl. After couple of hours you can cook the guineafowl over a charcoal pit or a tandoor oven with help of skewers. Use butter for basting during cooking, it will take approx 10/12 min to cook.



Gem lettuce:- 50 gms

Olive oil:- 10 ml

Lemon juice:- 10 ml

Ginger chop:- 5 gms

Salt:- 2 gms

Sugar:-5 gms

Black peppercrush:- 5 gms

Method:- Wash and clean the lettuce and pat dry it.

Now take a clean bowl and whisk all the ingredients together to make the dressing.

Mix the dressing with gem lettuce and its ready to be plated as shown in the photo



Waterchestnut:- 20 gms

Beetroot:- 20 ms

Sugar:- 10 gms

Lemon juice:- 10 ml

Method:- Dice the beetroot and soak it in lemon juice and sugar. After an hour add the chestnut to it and soak it for a while. Now pat dry the chestnut and use as shown in the photo.



Apricot:- 50 gms

Sugar:- 20 gms

Salt:- 5 gms

Vinegar:- 10 ml

Turmeric powder:- 5 gms

Yeloow chilli powder:- 5 gms

Olive oil:-10 ml

Method:- Take a pan and heat olive oil in it, add sugar and start caramelising it. Now add apricot and start cooking it, add salt, turmeric powder and yellow chilli powder to it.  After cooking it cool it down and then make a fine puree out of it as show in the photo.



Tamarind pulp:- 50gms

Salt:- 5 gms

Jagerry:- 20 gms

Ginger powder:- 5 gms

Red chilli powder:- 5 gms

Method:- Take a pan and heat tamarind pulp with above given ingredients, add water to it to get the right consistency. Cook for half an hour and then cool it down. Stain it to get puree as shown in the photo.


Assemble all the elements of the dish as shown in the photo and garnish with chive.

Happy cooking ....