Chef Of The Month November 2014: Daniel Grigg

Daniel Grigg,
Langley Castle

North East born Daniel Grigg has returned to his roots to begin his next challenge as the executive chef at the Langley Castle hotel and restaurants. His career started in Northumberland, after which he moved over to the Lake District where he trained under many talented and influential chefs such as Michelin starred Nigel Mendham of the Samling Windermere. Daniel became a head chef at the age of 25 and has been credited by the AA on more than one occasion with the achievement of three AA rossettes for the deliverance of excellence in food standards.

"I'm delighted to have become a part of the team here at Langley. After many years in the Lake District I have developed an immense passion for good, fresh, honest local produce. What better a place than northumberland with its valleys packed with natural produce such as mushrooms, berries, nuts and herbs. The excitement of being able to hand pick my own produce from the local area is second to none.

My team and I are deeply excited to be in such a stunning setting and are looking forward to a great future for Langley Castle."


Liver, bacon and onion

Fois gras ganache, ibericho ham, onion textures, powdered coal


  • 750g fois gras
  • 10 ml port
  • 10ml Madeira
  • 10 ml brandi
  • 3 ml white truffle oil
  • 15 g sugar
  • 12g pink salt
  • 15g Maldonad sea salt
  • 350 g double cream
  • 1.5 leaves of bronze leaf gelatine


  • Slice fois gras, mix port,Madeira,truffle oil, brandi and spray fois gras pieces.
  • Place in a vacuum pack bag and seal tightly. Place into a water bath at 54*c. Cook for 30 minutes.
  • Mix the salts, sugar, double cream and bloomed gelatine.
  • Once the fois gras is cooked, place all ingredients in a blender, blend until smooth and pass through a fine sieve. Set in a terrine mould and freeze. Once frozen peel long ribbons with a fine peeler, keep stored in the freezer until needed.

Onion textures

  • 6x large white onions, halved, dusted with icing sugar and roasted until black. Once roasted, infuse with water to make a black onion stock. Pass the stock through muslin and set with ultratex to make a black onion gel.
  • 1x baby grellot onion, peeled, braised in white wine and thyme until soft.
  • 1x 6cm piece of leak, cut in half length ways, take the out leaves and place in the dehydrator at 70*c for 40 minutes until it has the texture of rice paper.
  • 5g of black onion seeds, toasted to sprinkle on the plate.

Ibericho ham (black legged pig)

  • Two fine slices
  • One slice twisted around a cylinder and dehydrated until crispy

Powdered coal

  • 10 pieces of charcoal bbq until white hot, drop into 300ml pomace oil, infuse for 48 hours, pass through muslin cloth, add the chemical Absorbit to make a powder which will dissolve back to oil when it hits the tongue.
  • 1x nectarine
  • Peel, de seed, quarter and dip into liquid nitrogen. Once frozen blend to a powder and store in the freezer

Assemble all of the above to create:

'Liver, bacon and onions'