Traditional English Beef

Althams Traditional Regional English Beef

Althams Traditional Beef reflects a history of which we are justly proud; supplying a regionally produced and traditionally prepared farm assured beef. We only select from the following British born breeds of cattle; such as…

Hereford: Throughout its history the Hereford has maintained its distinctive white face and red coat.

Prime BeefAberdeen Angus: The meat has exceptional eating quality; the marbling ensures tenderness and flavour.

All our Althams Traditional beef is traditionally aged/ dry aged from 14 to 28 days, dependant on customer requirements and carries the Althams Quality Assured mark, hand selected by our team.

Beef Portion Control



Weight Range

AQA105 AT Topside 8-12kg
AQA1057 AT Topside (Rolled) 3-8kg
AQA1077 AT Silverside (Rolled) 4-8kg
AQA111 AT Boneless 'D' Rump 4-8kg
AQA112 AT Sirloin (Short Cut on the Bone) 9-14kg
AQA1125 AT Sirloin (Boned and Rolled) 12-17kg
AQA1154 AT Striploin (Short Cut Grilling) 5-9kg
AQA116 AT Fillet (Standard) 2-3kg
AQAT131 AT Forerib (on Bone) 6-8kg
AQA1321 AT Forerib (Carvery Cut) 5-8kg
AQA1325 AT Forerib (Boned and Rolled) 6-10kg
AQA1326 AT Forerib (Boneless) 5-9kg
AQA133 AT Rib Eye Roll 2-4kg
AQA1357 AT Boneless Brisket (Rolled) 7-11kg
AQA145H AT Chuck Steak (Hand Diced) 2.5-5kg
AQA145P AT Premium Hand Diced Steak 2.5-5kg
AQA1466 AT Beef Shin (Boneless)
AQA148 AT Steak and Kidney 2.5-5kg
AQA149S AT Steak Mince 2.5-5kg
AQA150 AT Mince 2.5-5kg
AQA170 AT Sizzle Steak (Top Rump) 114-230g
AQA171 AT Braising Steaks (ex Silverside) 115-230g
AQA172 AT Rump Steaks 115-454g
AQA1729 AT Rump Eye or Pave Steaks as specified
AQA1734 AT ‘T’ Bone Steaks (Short Cut) 400-550g
AQA1754 AT Sirloin Steaks (Standard) 114-340g
AQA1758 AT Sirloin Steaks (Special Trim) 114-340g
AQA1759 AT Sirloin Steaks (Larder Trim) 114-340g
AQAQ177 AT Fillet Steaks (Standard) 114-340g
AQA1778 AT Fillet Steaks (Special Trim) 114-340g
AQA1779 AT Fillet Steaks (Larder Trim) 114-340g
AQA178 AT Fillet Tails as specified
AQA178S AT Fillet Tails (Stroganoff) as specified
AQA179 AT Rib Steaks (Bone In) 340-450g
AQA180 AT Rib Eye Steaks 114-340g
AQA181 AT Braising Steaks (Forequarter) 115-230g

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