Traditional English Lamb

Althams Traditional Regional English Lamb

Althams Traditional Lamb reflects a history of which we are justly proud; supplying a regionally produced and traditionally prepared Eblex farm assured Lamb. Our selection includes the following...

The Suffolk (Cross): Suffolk sheep, a relatively large breed, developed in England, well known for its high quality meat. The Suffolk’s have bare heads, black faces, and bare black legs but no horns.

Prime LambThe Texel (Cross): Is hardy, tough & has excellent carcass quality, it became popular for its well fleshed but lean carcass.

We also stock the following during their season.

The Herdwick Mutton: The Herdwick is a breed of domestic sheep native to the Lake District, The name "Herdwick” is derived from the Old Norse herdvyck, meaning sheep pasture. (season Oct – March)

Red Bank Farm Salt Marsh Lamb: is reared on the marshes of Morecambe Bay where the Sheep and Lambs are allowed to graze freely. The tide washed marshes support an abundance of salt tolerant grasses and herbs such as samphire, sparta grass, sorrel, sea lavender and thrift. These help to give the lamb it’s tender texture and unique light flavour. (Season July – Oct)

All our Althams Traditional Lamb is traditionally aged for 7 days.

Lamb Portion Control



Weight Range

AQA200 AT Whole Lamb 18-25 kg
AQA204 AT Leg (On Bone) 3-4 kg
AQA2041 AT Leg (Carvery) 3-4 kg
AQA2045 AT Leg (Boned and Rolled) 3-4 kg
AQA2046 AT Leg (Boneless) 2-4 kg
AQA2064X AT Saddle Lamb 6-10 12-17 kg
AQA208L5 AT Loin Lamb (Boned and Rolled) 4-6 kg
AQA2094 AT Best End (Short) 2-3 kg
AQA2109G AT Rack (Larder Trim) F/ T/ C (Gross) 0.5-1 kg
AQA2109N AT Rack (Larder Trim) F/ T/ C (Nett) 0.5-1 kg
AQA221 AT Short Fore Quarter (On Bone) 5-9 kg
AQA2225 AT Shoulder (Boned and Rolled) 3-4 kg
AQA2226 AT Shoulder (Boneless) 2-3 kg
AQA225 AT Breast 1-2 kg
AQA226 AT Diced Lamb (Stewing/ Shoulder) 2.5-5 kg
AQA227 AT Hand Diced Lamb (Leg) 2.5-5 kg
AQA228 AT Minced Lamb 2.5-5 kg
AQA240 AT Lamb Shanks 350-550 g
AQA2418 AT Loin Chops (Trimmed) 85-230 g
AQA242 AT Noisettes 60-115 g
AQA243 AT Crown Chops (Barnsley) 114-230 g
AQA2448 AT Cutlets (Trimmed) 85-230 g
AQA2449 AT Cutlets (French Trimmed) 85-170 g

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