Traditional English Pork

Althams Traditional Regional English PORK

Althams Traditional Pork reflects a history of which we are justly proud; supplying a regionally produced and traditionally prepared BPEX farm assured pork. We only select from the following British born breeds of pigs sourced mainly from Cumbria & Lancashire:

Prime PorkThe Gloucestershire Old Spot: The Gloucestershire Old Spot is a large meaty animal with a broad and deep body and large hams. Its white coat has large clearly defined black spots.

The Tamworth: The red-gold hair of the Tamworth ensures that it is one of the most easily recognisable of the traditional pig breeds.

All our Althams Traditional Potk is traditionally aged for 7 days.

Pork Portion Control



Weight Range

AQA301 AT Side (ex Head) 25-32kg
AQA305 AT Leg 8-10kg
AQA3055 AT Leg (Boned and Rolled) 7-9kg
AQA3056 AT Leg (Boneless) 3-8kg
AQA307 AT Short Loin 6-9kg
AQA3075 AT Short Loin (Bones and Rolled) 6-8kg
AQA3076 AT Short Loin (Boneless) 4-8kg
AQA313 AT Fillet Tenderloin 0.5-1kg
AQA314 AT Belly 4-6kg
AQA3166 AT Shoulder (Boneless) 6-8kg
AQA320 AT Spareribs (Belly) as specified
AQA321 AT Diced Pork (Shoulder) 2.5-5kg
AQA321L AT Hand Diced Leg Pork 2.5-5kg
AQA322 AT Minced Pork 2.5-5kg
AQA323 AT Suckling Pig 10-20kg
AQA328 AT Hock as specified
AQA3258 AT Porchetta as specified
AQA3116 AT Pork Striploin (Rindless)
AQA3119 AT Pork Striploin Eye
AQA338 AT Stir Fry Strips (Leg) as specified
AQA308RF At Rack F/T/C (Rind On) as specified
AQA330 At Escalopes (ex leg) 85-284g
AQA331 AT Chops (Rind On) 114-230g
AQA3318 AT Chops (Trimmed) 114-230g
AQA332 AT Loin Steaks 85-284g
AQA334 AT Sliced Belly as specified
AQA3348 AT Meaty Ribs as specified
AQA335 AT Spareribs Chops 145-230g
AQA336 AT Loin Steaks (Valentine) 115-230g
AQA337 AT Baby Back Ribs (Loin) as specified

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